neděle 6. května 2012

PhotoLine - all-in one "balík"

PhotoLinePrezentace prostředí, funkcí a podpory programu PhotoLine je ve formátu slideshow k dispozici na adrese, kterou naleznete na adrese:
V tomto místě uvádím charakteristiku programu ( textovou část ) PhotoLine: 
"In PhotoLine you can create, load, edit and save CMYK pictures. The filter section contains a large quantity of features: sharpen, unsharp masking, soften, outline, video for correcting interlaced pictures, relief, glow, shadow, ... Morphing and distortion functionality is already integrated. If that is not enough, PhotoLine is extendable through plug-in modules in the 8BF format. PhotoLine supports numerous import file formats like PLD, PDF, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, CMX, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, EPS, PICT, TGA, IMG, ICO, ANI, XBM, IFF, ESM, CGM, PIC, CVG, GEM, WMF. On Windows you
can also import pictures via the Aldus import interface. There are many import filters for this interface like PS, PDF, CDR and WPG. In all formats layers and transparency are preserved if possible. PhotoLine has special functions for saving web graphics. It can create, import, edit, show and save transparent and animated GIF files. To save valuable web space and bandwidth GIFs can be saved highly optimized and interlaced. Saving of progressive JPEGs is supported, too. Due to the various import and export drivers and its integrated batch function PhotoLine is well suited as a file format converter. In combination with the action recorder the batch function is a very powerful tool. For example with one mouse click it is possible to read all pictures from a directory, reduce them to 256 colors for usage in the web and save the pictures to a different directory. Pressure sensitive graphic tablets are supported, too.".