středa 29. června 2011

Project managers' new role as social facilitators

By Rick Freedman  - June 28, 2011
Velmi zajímavý článek, který se zabývá vztahem projektového manažéra k sociálním sítím a potřebou jejich ovládnutí a využití při koordinaci a harmonizaci různých přístupů během přípravy a realizace projektu. 
Cituji z úvodu:
"It seems obvious that, as product development and innovation migrate from “smart folks in a room” to a worldwide virtual community, project managers (PMs) will need to transition from managing tasks to managing interactions and collaboration. When the development team is in Chicago, Bangalore, and London, and implementations are going on in New York and Sydney, the skills and activities of PMs will need to adapt. Are PMs navigating these changes without a guide, or are there practices and ideas that we can reference to point us in the right direction?"
"According to the research done by Hansen and Ibarra for their studies of collaboration, the key success factors for collaborative managers are:
- Become a global connector
- Engage peripheral talent
- Collaborate at the top
- Show a strong hand".
Cituji závěrečnou větu článku:
"Project leaders who can master the challenges of dispersed, distributed, and diverse teams, and can create an environment for constructive conflict and creative ferment, will harness the power of the team mind and drive innovation to new peaks."Celý článek najdete na TÉTO adrese.